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Question on running eseutil on Exchange Server 2003

Last Modified: 2013-12-01
I have not run the eseutil for quite some time and wanted to run this by some more knowledgeable Exchange people.  I want to compact both the priv.edb and the .stm file....edb is almost 31 GB, stm is around 18 GB

Does this look like the correct command to run?

c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil /d :D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb" /te:\temp.edb

If I remember correctly, this one command will defrag, create a temp directory over on the D drive and once the defrag is done it will copy back to the C drive...

Does this look correct?

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Top Expert 2007

Looks good to me....I see a couple typos, but i'm sure that's all they are (after the /d switch there's a colon (:) and not quotes (") before the path to your .edb.....and you mentioned a temp directory on 'D' but your /t switch points to e:\)


aha...I see the colon that should be quotes..thanks...I'm pretty sure that last part should say /te:\temp.edb

That is what he had written down...I don't remember making any changes when this was run before...the priv1.edb is on the D drive and the temp is going to be on the E drive

I though you had to run it from the root drive anyways?

Also this should take care of both the edb and stm file right?

Top Expert 2007

Yes - you're right about that - the temp will be created on the E drive (I was just noting that in your question you stated 'temp directory over on the D drive'...just wanted to make sure you knew it was pointing at E)

And yes, this will defrag both the edb and stm.....you'd have to use the /i switch to manually exclude the .stm if you ever wanted to do so.


Yes...I see what you mean now...duh...typos on my part...thanks for clarifying

So just to be sure, once I get everyone off the system dismount the store, this line command should all I need to run to compact my database?  No other commands are needed if I remember correctly

Top Expert 2007

No other commands are necessary...after it's done all you have to do is mount the store.

I should've mentioned/asked earlier...but are you doing this because you need the disk space? Only because it's generally recommended to not do offline defrag's unless you have a need to do so....sometimes it can cause problems. (I'd be wrong for not mentioning it - that's all....not trying to talk you out of running it)


Yeah...I'm down to 18 GB and I want to be able to compact the DB while I still have enough disk space over on the E drive (need 110% right?)  I think I have 55 GB free on the E drive so I may be squeaking it...

After this defrag I'm going to be putting people in smaller stores so it will be more managable without having to affect everyone in the company

Sound like a plan?
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Sounds great!  

Top Expert 2007

Good luck with it all...Cheers.
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