What is the best way to diagnose DCOM errors?

What is the best way to diagnose DCOM errors?  (I don't have any specifically, this is just for future reference).  

How would you go about finding the problem.  I have a method for doing this, but I don't think i'm going about it correctly, so I want to see what everyone out there might come up with.  

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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same as any Microsoft error that generates Events.

Check the Event Log on the affected System.

http://www.eventid.net is good for getting information if you have the EventID and Source for the Event.

Do a search on their site http://www.microsoft.com for pertinent articles.

DCOM Error Messages Logged in Event Log


FIX: You cannot obtain detailed error information about DCOM 10009 errors in Windows Server 2003


Also check the Microsoft Forums:

Forced accept.

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