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Is Server side programming always safer than client sided ones?

are there effective ways to protect the codes in a client sided webpage? Is the server sided programming always better than the client sides ones in term of protecting the codes. I would appreciate it if you could answer with a bit detailed information, instead of "yes, it is better" or " No it is not."
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
server-side code only needs to be protected on the server itself
-> only a hacker getting access to the server direclty (telnet, ftp etc) can see any file contents on that server, ie web page code

client-side code cannot be protected, the "best" you can achieve is obfuscation.
Server-side programming is usually considered safer. Consider this analogy:

 Do you feel more safe with your nest egg stored in a safe in your bedroom, or in a vault at your bank? The bank's vault is stronger, more expensive, and heavily guarded. Your home is accessible to anyone who is bold enough. Once someone has access to your safe, it is only a matter of time before the safe can be cracked, even if you use state-of-the art technology. In a managed environment, however, the opportunities for manhandling the vault are usually more limited.

If you deliver your code to your client's browser, even with encryption, it can be reverse-engineered and then defeated. If the code never leaves your server, a cracker must first gain access to the server, then examine your code. If the server security is tight, not only will the cracker's job be more difficult, you will also be able to see the attempt in progress and stop it before it progresses too far.
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