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Hi,  I am in the middle of redesigning my website and would like some help in setting up a client login feature.  How do I do this?  I have been told I need to install a script onto my server? Perl? My hosting is with 1and1 Internet Ltd.  If you go to you will see my home page with the login on the left hand side but would like help setting the rest up.  Can anyone help me?

- ziggles
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Adam314Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The most common method for providing login is when someone provides their username/password, you check to see if it is valid.  If so, you create a session, and send them a cookie with the session ID.  Then any pages you want to provide information based on the login, you read the session ID cookie, and get the information from your session variables.

There is a module for perl that makes all of this very easy:  CGI::Session
and the tutorial:

There are other languages the provide similiar functionality also.
You'll also need a databse to store the session information and userid/login data.

zigglesAuthor Commented:
That explain given did really register.  Anymore ideas.  Do I create database in in access?  Any explains would be great.  Am a new starter.
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well, if you are using Perl to script the login, i would suggest using MySQL as the databse.  You'll need to verify your server has MySQL running and you'll need access to create the db and tables, etc.

I won't lie to you, this will not be easy for a starter.
Note that CGI::Session doesn't need a full blown database.

It supports:

1.  Flat files
2.  BerkleyDB
3.  MySQL
4.  SQLite

The first two should require no setup.
The first option of Tintins post (Flat files) is the default method (it will be used if you don't specify a driver), and requires NO setup.  You should probably start with this, then move to something else if/when you need.

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