RAID-0 to RAID-5 Upgrade


I will be upgrading my server from RAID-0 to RAID-5.  The new RAID-5 controller is from a different manufacturer than the one currently installed on our server.  I would like to image my current OS and SQL installation, upgrade the RAID controller, add the new HDDs, and reimage.  

I was thinking of using Symantec Ghost, but I don't know if this is will work, due to the differing RAID controllers and I've heard reimaging on RAID-5 arrays if flakey.  

Any suggestions or advice are welcome!  
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jlycos1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What I would do is purchase Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery which does eliminate the hardware layer and backup your data on the Raid 0 to an image. Then I would build the new raid volume and restore the bare-metal image onto the server with the raid 5.
no easy task this one i would proberly rebuild the whole server and use backups to restore.

while you at it you may as well use a raid 1 for the OS. is this server running databases and logs? if so i would seperate the database and logs onto different spindles to while you at it.

depending on your budget i would put the database on a raid 5 and the logs on a raid 1 or if you have money to burn use a raid 0+1
DPAITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Key question is if the new raid controller is a true controller that offloads the raid to the controller and is completely transparent to the OS, or if its one of the light weight ones similar to what you get on a motherboard which is really just a driver and not a true hardware raid card.  

If you can keep one of the raid drives aside as an extra backup.  Always need that backout plan.

I would install the new raid controller in the system BEFORE you image it.  It doesn't have to have drives on it, just be sure the driver is already in the OS.  

I agree with jlycos1 about buying the Symantec System Recovery Server.  It's the only product I have ever bought that did everything and more than what the salesman said it would.
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I do not believe that the New raid controller needs to be placed in the system before you image it. I have done this several times and if you take an image of the of the original partitions using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery. You will have a clean image with the hardware layer removed to place of your new raid 5 configuration.
I agree its not a requirement for Symantec System recovery, but if he uses a different method he is going to want to have at least its driver installed first.  The easiest way for that is to put the card in advance of the image.

You always need to be sure the recovery CD has the driver it needs to see the hard drives to restore to.  It's a pain to add it at that time.  

Unfortunately not all businesses will cough up the money for a utility like this.
DPAIT that is true....
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