SonicWall Pro 2040 Standard OS upgrade to Enhanced OS?

Anyone ever do a SonicWall Pro 2040 Standard OS upgrade to Enhanced OS? We have a client who needs that done in order to do ISP WAN failover, but I've never performed an upgrade from Standard OS to Enhanced OS before. I've heard it's quite the headache trying to re-input all of the settings after the upgrade.

Are there any tools out there that make migrating from the Standard OS to Enhanced OS easier? I'm waiting for SonicWall to call me back regarding this, but thought I'd ask here also.

Our client's current OS version is SonicOS Standard

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Nopes, you have to do all the hard work. Make sure you take a backup as stated in step 1 below so that you can always revert back to standard and its settings in case enhanced doesn't work out for you.

these are instructions i sent to a client a while back. It was for an older version but should work with the newer one too

1. Before beginning the upgrade process, make a system backup of your SonicWALL
appliance firmware and configuration setting by selecting Create Backup from the
System>Settings page of the SonicWALL Management Interface. You can then revert to
this backup of the SonicOS Standard firmware with current configuration settings after
evaluation or as a backout strategy.
2. Export your current configuration settings to a preferences file. From the SonicWALL
System>Settings page, select Export Settings and save the preferences file to your
local machine. Please note that upgrading from SonicOS Standard to SonicOS Enhanced
Evaluation Edition does not preserve your settings; you are strongly encouraged to save
a copy of your current SonicOS Standard preferences or you must re-build all of the
settings if you wish to revert to SonicOS Standard.
Warning: SonicOS Enhanced does not support booting or importing with
preference files from SonicOS Standard. At this time, you must enter all configurations
manually or import a preferences file that was created from SonicOS Enhanced.
3. Ensure you have a license key required for full upgrades, unless you only intend to run
the Evaluation Version. Until SonicOS Enhanced is unlocked, it runs in a functionally
limited evaluation mode. Therefore, it should not be installed in production environments
until a license key is obtained.
jbridgman-qdsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not getting back until now.

I'll accept your answer for the full amount of points. Thanks!
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