How can I download a file to a pocket pc (windows mobile 6.0)?

I am currently using the Rebex.Net controls for using FTP between a web server and a pocket pc (windows mobile 6). I only do a download from the webserver as it's for update purposes of an application.

Unfortunately my application has just died as the license expired. I went to buy the license and I cant afford the $200/300 fee.

I then got the OpenNetCF Community SDF and tried to use some code I found for that - but it wouldn't work.

Does anyone have any code (that wont cost me more than $50! - Preferably free) that I can use to download a file from an FTP server.

Alternatively, a way of downloading from http would be acceptable.

It MUST work on Compact Framework (windows mobile 6). Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
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Fl4wlessAuthor Commented:
So there are no free options?
for ftp not that i know of. I could not find any
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