Configure authentication to accept remote user connections with Sonicwall GVC

Configure Sonicwall to accept VPN connections from Sonicwall Global VPN Client.  How is authentication configured?  Can the Sonicwall TZ170 with Standard OS handle that, if so, how? If not, how is Routing and Remote Access on Windows SBS configured to handle the authentication for the Global VPN client?  Thanks
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective.  You don't choose a VPN client and then figure out what it's end point should be.  Instead, you decide on what you want to be the VPN end point and then you can determine the appropriate client needed to connect.

If you use the SBS and RRAS as the end point, you don't need the Sonicwall GVC.  Instead, you would be using the SBS's Connection Manager VPN Client (downloaded from your Remote Web Workplace main menu).  To configure the SBS for this you just need to run the Configure Remote Access Wizard and then enable PPTP Service on the TZ-170 directed to the SBS's IP Address.  (This automatically enables GRE Protocol 47 -- if you use the TZ-170's pre-defined PPTP Port).

If you want to use the TZ-170 as the end-point then follow the steps outlined in this question to allow the TZ-170 to pass along an IP Address to the client:  http:Q_21788343.html

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