Outgoing message stuck in Outloing folder

Running Outlook 2000 on Windows XP, I have 1 message that is stuck in the outgoing mail box. I cannot delete it or move it (It says it cannot delete a message that had been starting to send, but it never send it.

If I put in another message it will go, but it takes abit longer beacuse it hangs on the first message that will not go,,, any ideas ?

Connected to POP3 for incoming and SMTP for outgoiing, local PST file in use
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Create a second (new) profile on Outlook (call it test), open outlook in the new test profile (will be using a blank pst but will not lock the email you had). then open the original pst under file>open in outlook. delete the offending email in the original pst. close outlook. reopen outlook in the original profile - bad piece of mail  will be gone. delete the test profile you created since your done.
Greetings 911bob !

Here is a proven way to delete message stuck in outbox without needing to create a new profile

Hope this helps, war1

Here are a couple other methods to remove message stuck in outbox, if the above does not work
911bob, any update?
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
I believe either would have work, but I did #1 as it already had 2 profiles..

Root cause is the message was huge (58Mb)
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