Transferring Emails and Contacts to new computer - Exchange mailbox

I have SBS2003 on my server.  I want to reformat my desktop and put Vista.  Before I had exchange, whenever I reformatted a  computer I just copied and pasted the .pst files to the new computer.  How do I go about transferring my emails and contacts to the new computer?

I know they are all on the server but I don't know the steps to do this.


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static-voidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just by connecting your outlook to your exchange you should get a copy of your email, if this is not the case you may well be in trouble (theres an option/bug imho that will download your email without leaving it on the server) if this has happened then you may need to revert to a backup copy of either your computer or your exchange server to retrieve the email.
Beofre re-building your machine do a search on the local drive(s) for *.pst. If you find any copy them off to another location first.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I would suspect that if you log into another workstation on your network and open Outlook you will see all your email and contacts... as you said, you know they are all on the server.

If there are any archive .pst files on your workstation, you definitely want to back those up though... by following the recommendation of mass2612.

rickprefAuthor Commented:
Thanks Static, it really is that simple with exchange huh.  That's great.
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