Vista Business Standard User Activex Problem

Is it possible in Vista Business to allow standard users to install their own activex controls?  Even if I enable the Activex options in IE security settings, I still get "Your security settings do not allow websites to use Activex controls installed on your computer."  It does not allow me to install the control at all.  Of course as an administrator account it does work but I do not want to give every user administrator access.  I also do not want to have to approve Activex controls by using the ActiveX Installer.  I want this to work just like it did in IE6 with the user being able to make up their own mind.  Anyone have a way to do this?
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RedKelvinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry not possible, activex is a security risk, so they are extremely strict on it.
In Vista active x controls are considered an application install, make sure you have admin rights

mattpayne59Author Commented:
I need a way to do this without admin rights.
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mattpayne59Author Commented:
So their solution is to force you to make everyone local administrators?  That is not a security risk?
I totally agree

I think the idea is that, the admin would logon, and install the control.

Yes I know it is very very inconvenient. Active X is a nightmare, always has been, that is why I prefer Firefox, it just does not allow activex.
mattpayne59Author Commented:
Well, I have users that need activex controls to do their jobs and I dont want to have to approve the control every time they need something.  This very well might be the way it is (in which case I will have to make everyone local administrators) but does anyone else have any ideas?
jamesaskhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to try using the ActiveX installer service. It's a way of installing ActiveX controls without making everyone local admins.

Let me know if this helps.
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