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I have a Dell Dimension 4400, will ony boot to the window where it shows normal start or last  good config .  From there after you hit enter, tries to start, but goes into the blue screen.  0X0000007B error code.  I have tried remove all the components except the CPU.  Still blue screen.  Different RAM, HD, pulled out all pci cards and ROM drives.  Only thing that is hooked up is the HD.  Blue screen.  I am thinking MB?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it sounds like the MB; you can try running some diags :                                    PC doctor                        free      TuffTest lite

also, running from a live knoppix cd can give more info :
Check out this page:

Also, try removing the CMOS battery to let the BIOS reset.
I would say HDD before motherboard. Have you ran diags on the HDD?
I would suggesting running the hard drive diagnostics first. Just press F12 when you see the Dell splash screen and you should have the option to run the hard drive or IDE drive diagnostics. If you don't have the option, press ctrl-alt-D when on the splash screen again. This should trigger the hard drive diagnostics immediately. This works well with legacy Dell systems.
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