I need to find a wireless implementation firm or consultant ... what's the best way to find em'?

To be specific, we are looking for a 3rd party to put in place a live test of wireless signal at one of our prospects properties.  

Can anyone assist me in finding such a 3rd party to assist?  This would ideally be near or around Atlantic City, NJ.  
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Yeah. A local IT Professional would be your best bet.

Also, It sounds like all you really need is the right Antenna,
if you already have a Wireless Network in place.
Check out this site -


They 90 degree and 120 degree Antenna might be the perfect
solution for you. You can contact their tech support and
describe your situation, and they can point you to the right
Palo wireless has a pretty decent listed of trusted Wireless Consultants -


You can choose someone from that list that services your area. Also, depending on the size of your project, both test and future implementation, you probably want to go with the bigger companies.

If you are just trying to get an idea of how it would work, and are implementing it on a smaller scale,
you can just search locally for IT Consultants. Most IT professionals can setup WiFi networks on a
smaller scale.
swiftnyAuthor Commented:
Basically it's a hotel that needs to have a wireless signal reach a small portion of a beach about 400 yards away... full line of sight.  I suppose that would classify it as a small project eh?
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