Change mac osx RSA key log for a specific host.

I have a macbook, osx 10.4, and I have a coyote linux router setup. I logged into the linux box and received the key from linux to my mac. But i had to make some drastic changes to the linux config so I made a new install of it. Basically the RSA key of the linux box changed and now i can't ssh into it from my mac because it thinks its a security risk.

Im a newbie with mac (always been a hater of mac, but kinda like the closed hardware architecture of it, runs great with parallels). How do you edit, and find, the log file that holds the keys and modify it for a specific host.

Thanks in advance.
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alextoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your home directory you'll have a directory called .ssh in which there should be a file called known hosts. Edit that and remove the entry for your linux box. If you open up a terminal window, type

vi ~/.ssh/known_hosts

then use the arrow keys to navigate to the line of your linux box, hit d twice in rapid succession to delete the line then type :wq and press enter to save the file.

PS. Always worth learning how to use vi, very cool text editor. You could also use pico/nano, but your friends may laugh at you :)
deomega22Author Commented:
Thanks Alextoft:

There is still alot to learn with this os... ugh

another thing i found earlier today is how to "show hidden files and folders", which would of helped me out earlier. Incase anyone wants to know how to use it:

open up terminal and type this : defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
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