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I set up RivaTuner to "Run Program as Administrator", but it's still be blocked at startup...

Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I set up RivaTuner to "Run Program as Administrator", but it's still be blocked at startup.  I don't really want to turn UAC off (all the warning dialogs get old fast), but I do want RivaTuner to load at Windows Startup.

I'm running Vista 64.

Any ideas?
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Did you install this RivaTuner in the administartive account?
there is 2 ways
 right click on it, choose properties and then choose comptapility. from thare mark the box "run this program as an administrator"
open run type in msconfig or
click the start button,  Search and type msconfig
You will see  msconfig.exe  <<click that, it gives you full control over everything that boots with Windows.
If the above  fails.
from Vista support:
You need to Turn off User Account Control setting in order to stop it from
asking for permission each time it starts up. It's a security thing Vista has
built in to it and a pain in the arse, but itcan be bypassed. Open Control
Panel, open User accounts and turn it off there.

disable windows defender in security center. It is probably blocking your app.


No, actually it turns out I just need to start it using Task Scheduler instead of the Start-up folder.

Cool sounds like you solved it yourself MitchellVII  well done
To close your question  please use this guide.
 I solved my own question.
best regards



I've been asking these guys for years to put an "Abandon Question" button in here so I don't have to go through all those extra steps to close one, but after 3 years, they still haven't added it.  I have no idea as it would save them a lot of work.  I know that I'm not the only expert that has recommended this.

Hi MitchellVII abandoning one's questions? is against EE guielines  and is noted in the big mistakes.
I see you've been here for a few years now, have you had a chance to read up on all the new changes? New zones. Look in the All zones
To help you a bit
if no one posts in your questions you can delete it yourself  no probs..
 but when your question gets some expert contributions  regardless whether you resolve it yourself  or not /
 even if the outcome  has no solution  the same rule applies and that is this ,
a 4 day grace period is added  with a comment  to your current referenced question  which will include>> a request has been made to close this post.
That is so that the  participating experts then have this 4 day grace period to  respond make any final comments before the mods close it.
Another  being all experts are volunteers and their time is very valued its spread between real life work and answering questions.

On the bigger picture,  the significense of the name Experts Exchange, is exactly that an exchange.
we are an open forum accessed by the world so all  the questions here are sourced for solutions.
On the subject of filters if your not familiar with them.
Most experts have filters to receive email notifs when a question is asked  in specific zones of interests
If members had the freedom to edit their own questions the filters will nolonger server the purpose they are intended for.
Modifying or deleting one's own question would change the filter terms.
So the emails would nolonger point to that question. Phew chaos.

You can find many anwers to your questions  and be  more informed how Expert Exchange has improved.
New zones are added monthly to help cover all possible, thats why the feedback zone is very important.


Hope this helps clarify a few things for you without it being dreary



Don't get me wrong, I love EE and it has been quite helpful to me over the years, but thyere are still a few things this site does VERY poorly.  What makes them so poor is that these problems could be easily solved, and yet, despite the repeated requests of many experts, you never solve them.

1. Add a button to each question that says simply NO ANSWER.  This then pops up a form where the OP can explain why he feels his question was not answered properly by another Expert and wishes the Question closed.  The Mods can then approve or not approve hiss reasons.
2. Add a button to each question that says simply ANSWERED MYSELF.  I have many many questions I answer myself.  I post the answer, which would be helpful to future users in the question, but I cannot give points to myself, so the question remains open.  If the OP pushes the ANSWERED MYSELF button, they are asked to give an explanation of why they feel they have answered this themselves and the Mods can apprrove or disapprove the reason.

These TWO SIMPLE SOLUTIONS would save the Mods untold hours of fishing for explanations and OP's, like myself from having to copy and paste links to questions into Customer Service every time we want to accomplish the exact same thing.

Automate the process my friend.  Automate and this site will be 100% more user friendly.

exactly the opposite since your interested in improving the site shows your good intentions
That is such a good idea why not post it on the suggestions zone
open a discussion and get the other experts in on it that may get their attention.
Sometimes its who you know.

I added a request for a button Back to Top  looks like they listened and agreed as there it is :)



Have already done that, and so have others.  Apparently someone doesn't think it's a good idea.

of course ;)  comments are for all to see we have 2 zones for that now CS and CSA
However back to your question did you resolve it yourself?

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