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Cannot create files on USB drive - only text files - Is it faulty?

A friend  has a USB key that we no longer seem to be able to create files on.

The key is 128Mb and about 75% free. The current files on it (Word / Excel docs) can be opened and edited.

I can use the new command to create a text file on the usb key and edit text within this file. I cannot however create any other types of files including fodlers. If I try and drag a jpg to it I get an error.

I no longer have the exact message to hand but it is different for different types of files but along the lines of no permissions or resource error.

I need to advise my friend who has no other PC to try the key out on. Can I assume they key is just faulty USB key? Unfortunetly remote location of person with problem does not have another PC to try it on.

Thanks for any input.
2 Solutions
It sure sounds like it is faulty.  

A quick test would be to copy all the files to the local PC.  Then format the usb drive.  Do not do a quick format.  

Then try putting a copy of the files back and test again.  
you should try the key in another system; and if faces the same issue, then you can advise him to buy a new one :)
I agree the key is probably failing. Not sure it is worth messing with such an old key and taking the risk of losing future files, a 2 GB key runs around $15 these days.
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also try it on the other usb ports, and - if possible, on PC's with another OS
In this case, I would suspect the USB Device is infected by virus ...... Scan using the Anti-virus or Reformat the USB Device ..........
Have you run a chkdsk on the device? in case it is reporting free space incorrectly?

You can also check to see if there are any files that can be recovered on the USB media using a tool such as http://www.softwarepatch.com/software/smartrecovery.html

Also ensure that the user is ejecting the drive correctly and not just pulling it out. Windows uses caching for USB drives and only does the actual writing when the cpu has free time (it is so that your program can continue). Pulling out a drive while windows has not completed can cause errors in the FAT table.


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