Copy data from a table into multiple fields of an access form / message box...

I work with an application that provides user data over the web. The data comes up in a small popup box which when copied into excel looks as follows:

Column 1     Column 2
Name          doe, john
id 1              01010101
id 2              01010101
id 3              01010101
address      555 number street
phone         900 765 4321

The database I need to append with this information is in Access. I use a query to bring up just the necessary fields that needs to be appended in the database and add the users info at that time. I'm trying to automate this process with VBA.

Is it possible to make an Access form that looks like a data entry message box with two blank columns, one on th right that will hold the unneccary information of column 1 above and then the other to the left that would hold the users data?

The point of this question is to see if there is a way to copy all the information from the popup web page and paste it in one swoop to the access form.

Further Note:
When I initially tried to copy the information from the webpage into an access table it made all the data in one row appear in a single cell, aka column 1 and column 2 were all in cell 1. When I pasted the information into excel, it seperated the data into seperate columns, which is what I want,  but I'm trying to stay away from excel because all my client data is in access and access is more powerful.
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Is the information in Column2 rendered as you show? In other words, is this one single block of Text, or is it somehow associated with the values in Column1? From your post, it appears that this is a single block of text.

If this is a single block of Text, then unless you are absolutely, 100% sure that the data will be in the same format each time, with the same TabStops, etc there's no way to be certain that your data is correctly appended into your database. If the data is coming in via a URL, then - depending on then format - you may be able to do this. If each "line" of your data is delimited by a Tab or something else then you might be able to use the Split function to get each line, but you'd have to be 100% sure that ALL lines are always included in the incoming data.
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