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Flash Array of custom classes

How do I make this work?

import package.myClass;

var arrayOfMyClass:Array;

arrayofMyClass= new Array;

arrayofMyClass[0]=new myClass;
arrayofMyClass[1]=new myClass;
arrayofMyClass[2]=new myClass;
arrayofMyClass[3]=new myClass;

Clearly I want an Array, but I want each element of the array to be an instance of my custom class.

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1 Solution
well from first glance you've called new on your myClass class but you haven't called it properly - with a ()

so it'd be more like

new myClass();

but i've never done what you're doing before so other than that suggestion I can't comment.
oh and same goes for the array - the new operator will expect a () after the class

so arrayofMyClass= new Array();

This might seem strange, but you're actually calling the constructor method. Method calls take arguments in brackets, and if there aren't any arguments, you leave the brackets empty.
dban00bAuthor Commented:
whoops.  Oh well. thanks for the easy fix.

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