Issue starting Tomcat, which runs Business Objects Enterprise XI

After installing the latest version of Business Objects Enterprise XI, I am having problems with Tomcat. We will be using Tomcat to support the CMC/Infoview.

It seemed to install just fine. I changed the server.xml file as noted in the docs. However, when I type the command to start Tomcat, or try to run it from its icon in its program file category, the window the tries to run the command immediately disappears. Also, the Tomcat logs are completely empty. So it seems there is something at the OS level preventing the bat file from running. Any experience with this?

For Tomcat people not familiar with BO, it has a tool called Infoview which displays Crystal Reports files through the web. It uses a Java Application container within Tomcat to do this.
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Do you have all jars installed? Why don't you install Tomcat as a Windows service? What version of Tomcat/Java are you using?

Try a new install, make a copy of server.xml, and start Tomcat before you changed anything. Then if that works, edit the server.xml again. You may post it here if you want.
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