Installing Citrix

I am trying to install Citrix metaframe server 4.0 from the CD, I went to Add/Remove program in control panel then selected add new program and browsed to the cd and msi file and run it from there, but I get the message about Terminal server needs to in application mode. How to do that?
I tried from Add/remove windows component , selected terminal server but the details button is grayed out, I thought there was a way to do it from there but couldnot find a way.

FYI, I have terminal server installed on the same computer where I am trying to install citrix

any help?
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Try this:

Go to Add/Remove Programs, then Add/Remove Windows Components. Go to terminal services, uncheck it, then check it again, then click Next, and make sure it's set to Application Server mode.

Or do this:

Before installing use this command in cmd:
change user /install

And after install, type this command:
change user /execute
When you install Terminal Services, you get the option to install it in Application Mode or Remote Administration Mode - in your case, it sounds like it's installed in Remote Administration Mode.  You need to uninstall Terminal Services, then reinstall it.
jskfanAuthor Commented:
even after I installed the citrix I still get the error:
failed to connect to preferred farm server
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