How to force http into https in IIS v6.

I have an SSL certificate, and setting tyhe URL to https: works. I want to force all incoming http connections to the particular URL to change to https. Win2k3Server, IIS v6. Exchange OWA.
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dmcgurimanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also you should put a check mark in Require secure channel (SSL) and Require 128-bit encryption if you used a 3rd party cert.

IN IIS right click on web->properties->directory security->under secure communications and click edit to find hte check box

For a good resource with code for automatically re-directing accidental use of http ignore the NAT changes on the firewall and read the very last entry on this webpage: 
If you use NAT on your firewall you can remove your rule for allowing port 80 for that translation.  open 443, close 80.  All users will be able to access via https but not http
Here is a link to several methods. Granted this is set for Apache, but your IIS can still use several of them and of course PHP if you have that installed.

HilltownHealthCenterAuthor Commented:
The cited link was excellent! Getting this set up has been an important goal for my agency. Works like a charm. Thanks!
glad I could help!!  That is a pretty all inclusive link!
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