How to create user mail file if it is deleted from server

How to create user mail file if it is deleted from server.Please let me know step by step procedure in lotus domio server
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If you have backup copy of the mail file, its better to copy that mail database into the mail folder and specify the mail file path in ther person document. Else, you can create a new mail database using the mail template, then place that mail file in any of the folders.
What ever solution you follow, you need to specify the mail file path in the person document of the user.

Creating a database  

in the Notes CLient Help for an explicit description and steps.

You should use the Mailx template on the Server, where x is the version number.

I hope this helps !
As SysExpert says, create a new database with the same filename based on teh correct mail template.  Then modify the ACL to grant the user Manager access (usually), and open the mail files Preferences to set the user as owner of the file.
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