IBM x Series Servers - Is there a utility like HP iLO on them?

We have several IBM x3550 and 2 IBM x236 servers. I was wondering if the servers on the IBM platform have something similar to HP's iLO (Integrated Lights Out) to where there is a dedicated NIC that you use to access the server should the OS not boot up. Basically it loads the network interface before the OS at the BIOS level so you can control it. Also allows you to power the server back on, etc...
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We didn't get Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline [$385.00] with our IBM servers so had to order seperately. Not sure if it fits the x236 but it does fit in the x3550.
There is a remote management port on the back of the x3550 IIRC, which you plug directly into the network and use some IBM tool. I haven't yet looked into it, but I know theres one of the X3200 series. Let me know what you find, as I'll be looking into it over the next few weeks.
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