Bought NetApp, Starting Boot from SAN - Have problems with designing infrastructure before...

We recently purchased a NetApp (FA3020 I believe) with 4 TB in production and 3 TB in our main DR space. Had a question about SAN booting and if our current timeline is the right thing to do.

Our current production site has about 6 different servers where the initial design called for the NetApp RDS to bring them to Boot from SAN. All Windows 2003 OS'. After going through the environment I noticied all sorts of little things wrong here and there which slowly but surely added up. I am now deciding to "rebuild" a number of servers. Since we have a hot spare of fairly new 2 x Xeon (Dual Core) 3-4 GB RAM servers I am going to be burning all domain servers one-by-one (staring with the DC, backup server, Exchange server, management server, BES server, etc.).

Now the NetApp is not currently implemented or running, all servers are sharing storage from 2 x HP MSAs. So my question is what would be the proper way of implementing this? Am I going to run into somewhere where I rebuild the entire domain/servers only to find that when the NetApp RDS staff comes in to setup Boot from SAN they can't use the disk images and will have to re-configure? I'm trying to figure out the best approach so we won't have to do things twice (or pay for it for that matter)
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kkransConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The data images will probably work fine but make sure it is a long weekend when you start doing the primary migration.

The Netapp box will work as any block disk for you so from that side there will be no problems.
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