Force adobe reader to open links in firefox...


im having some troubles with my adobe reader file.

every time i click on a link within the pdf, it opens a new window with Internet Explorer. this is VERY annoying as i absolutely hate IE.

on the rare occasion however, if i already have a firefox window open, when i click on a link within the pdf, is SOMETIMES opens the link with firefox.

the goal is to always get it to open links with firefox, however simply closing and reopening the pdf doesnt seem to do the job. my current default client is set to Fox, however i have no clue why it still wants to open IE instead.

does anyone know any way i can always make it open in fox?

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings gem56 !

Use Firefox extension PDF Download to open PDF file in Firefox

Hope this helps, war1
gem56Author Commented:
Hi War1,

thanks for your reply. not exactly what i was looking for, i was hoping to still open the pdf in adobe, and just have the external internet links open up firefox instead of IE.

ohh well, this will have to do. thanks again :)
Marc ZCommented:

That add-on is not going to address your question.  Your issue is the way your computer is handling url's, not pdf's.

Some url's  are hardcoded to open IE, not much workaround that.

Did you confirm here that Firefox is set as default?

Open My Computer, select Tools->Folder Options->File Types.
Scroll through list to find these and make sure Firefox is set as default:

     URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol
     URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy
     URL:File Transfer Protocol
     HTML File
     HTM File (optional)

Note that you may find the URL file types above under extension "N/A" or "(NONE)".

You may need to hit the Advanced button and make sure DDE is unchecked, also.
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