Missing C_SpURs DLL for HP Tool when booting up. How to I fix this

I get the message: Missing C_SpURs DLL for HP Tool when booting up. How to I fix this
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How about this:


Many HP computers have the same problem, however in my case it's on a Sony Laptop.

For HP Users try some of these references:
Missing reg file <C_SpURsDll> for credential manger.
c_spursdll not found from Tech Support Guy

The cause for this error message to continuously appear is when using a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners like RegSupreme, Registry Mechanic, etc.

On HP computers simply reinstall the "HP embedded security for protect tools" which should fix the problem.

Another method like my case with this Sony laptop was to re-run my registry tools and restore any fixes it claimed to do.

The last method is to completely remove all the security related programs that came with the computer and reinstall them. Security programs would include anything associated with "Infineon Security Platform Tool".


Go to add/remove programs and perform a repair of the program.


"start regedit and navigate into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Infenion\TPM Software and insert a new string value named "C_SpURsDll" with the contents "C:\Program Files\ProtectTools\Embedded Security Software\IfxSpURs%s.dll" (both without the ""). After a restart, credential manager will work properly."
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paddy209Author Commented:
Going into add/remove and repairing HP Protect Tools caused the following messages to appear when rebooting:
1- Unable to set tray icon
2- The intiialization of the PSD access failed - maybe because the TPM component on your PC is disabled, uninstalled or not functioning correctly
3- Missing C_SpURs DLL for HP Tool  
Not too good..
I have not tried to your second suggestion as I am not very technical and did not understand it


paddy209Author Commented:
I have tried Option 2 you suggested but this has not worked. The system complained about program not found and after running REGISTRYFIX, the same message as before appeared.

Can anybody help me get rid of this annoying message that comes up each time I turn my computer on?

paddy209Author Commented:
Thank you for this.
Reinstalling the "HP embedded security for protect tools" works till I once again run registry cleaner. A pain in the backside but as it does not cause  any problem, I have learnt to live with it now.

Forced accept.

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