what does sh ima interface command on router mean

did  this command on router   -sh ima interface    

Interface ATM0/IMA0 is down
        Group index is 50
        Ne state is startUp, failure status is configAborted
    IMA Group Current Configuration:
        Tx/Rx minimum required links 1/1
        Maximum allowed diff delay is 25ms, Tx frame length 128
        Ne Tx clock mode CTC, configured timing reference link ATM0/0/0
        Test pattern procedure is disabled
    IMA Group Total Counters (time elapsed 0 seconds):
        0 Tx cells, 0 Rx cells
        0 Ne Failures, 0 Fe Failures, 43662 Unavail Secs
    IMA link Information:
        Link     Physical Status        NearEnd Rx Status      Test Status
        ----     ---------------        -----------------      -----------
        ATM0/0/0 down                   unusableFailed         disabled
        ATM0/0/1 down                   unusableFailed         disabled

Can some one explain we what doe ATM0/0/0 means??????????????
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IMA stands for 'Inverse Multiplexing for ATM'

ATM stands for 'Asynchronous Transfer Mode'

It looks to me like ATM0/IMA0 is a virtual connection that is doing Inverse Multiplexing using physical interfaces ATM0/0/0 and ATM0/0/1

IMA takes one fast connection and breaks it into multiple slower connections.  This is basically like when someone multiplexes multiple internet connections to get one fast connection.  The difference is that with an IMA connection you would control both ends, such that your devices can negotiate and send checksum info regarding the multiplexed connection.
mahesh1818Author Commented:
so the router has 2 atm  interfaces where two T 1 lines from telco come and connect.
also what does 0 means in atm0/0/0
In Cisco IOS, modules, interfaces, and channels are all numbered starting at 0 and going up.  So ATM0/0/0 should refer to ATM Channel 0 on Interface 0 of Module 0.

         |  |  |
Module  |  |
Interface  |
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