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I am on Domino R7.0.1. Whenever I do a pull from server A to server B for a certain database, I get many, many messages from server B (I am doing the pull from the console on server B). The message is below. The information below actually comes from the subject line with the words "(Document link: )" in the body of the message but there is no link and no changes stated. My question what is causing this and how can I put a stop to it? This isn't related to document locking is it? Thank you.

Email subject line:
Changes made to database 'aaa bbb ccc' have NOT been incorporated into the database. There was a conflict detected. Your changes may be found in body of this message.  A document link to the original document is attached to the end of the messag (the subject line ends here)
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This isn't directly related to rpelication.  You have a replication monitor on or an agent that looks for conflicts.  So, every time a conflict occurs during replication, an e-mail is sent out informaing you about it.

You should primarily be looking to find the root cause of the conflicts and put an end to them.
1) Run compact with the copy option on both databases, via the Admin client.

Consider also running fixup and updall on these.

Then clear replication history on both and try again.

I hope this helps !

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