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Anyone who knows an alternative to HTML frames? We want something that is search engine compatible. Because Using frames are bad for websites specially if you want PR ratings on each pages. Anyone?

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instead of iframes you can use divs with overflow which look like an iframe. but the content is in a div in the same page like:
<div style="width: 10px; height: 20px; overflow:auto; border:2px inset; padding: 2px;>text for "iframe"</div>
well for page layout you can use divs along with css or tables...
openaccountAuthor Commented:
We have this one page which is linked to many pages with different menus. we want that page to follow the menu of the previous page where the page was loaded from.

for the menus we are using this code to insert them.

<!--#INCLUDE virtual="target-page.html" -->
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openaccountAuthor Commented:
First we though of frames or iframes because we can load all pages from the frames but we though of the search engline problem.
The search engine problem is only if you don't have a <NOFRAMES> with links to the pages in the <FRAMESET>.  However, the search results would link into the page fragments, you would write some javascript to reinstate the frameset, like the MSDN Library does.

The visual alternative to a frameset has been covered by hernst42.  The server-side alternative, is to use server-side includes like you suggested, but it would be nice to parameterise your includes if you can (using global variables or information out of the request if your scripting language doesn't support parameterised includes).


An alternative to HTML fame would be HTML notoriety, but that avenue is paved with peril.
LOL, never mind!
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