Mod rewrite causing problems for Mailto: tag

I did a site using mod_rewrite - it makes the URLs come out like
everything is working just fine execpt. if I have an email address in my page, it just makes the link like http://whatever.comt/ and it does not work.
is there some kind of exception I can write?
here is the .htaccess file:
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
      Options         +FollowSymLinks
      RewriteEngine   On
      RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_FILENAME}     !-f
      RewriteCond     %{REQUEST_FILENAME}     !-d
      RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?pg=$1 [QSA,L]

please help
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Steve BinkCommented:
Whatever is causing that issue, I do not believe it is mod_rewrite.

mod_rewrite alters URL requests from the client.  'mailto:' links do not make a request of your server - they make a request of the local client's mail system.  In short, the server never hears about it if the user clicks a mailto: link.  

Also, mod_rewrite does not assist in rendering the page.  It only points Apache to the correct page to render.  How it is rendered is up to Apache, PHP if present (or other server-side languages), and the user agent's interpretation of the resulting HTML/CSS.

Take a look through your code.  Try examining the page in different browsers.  There is something else causing this issue.
iconpacificAuthor Commented:
Due to this reqponse I had a closer look. It was not mod_rewrite. It was some PHP code one of my programmers had stuff in there to make the URLs look a certin way, or something like that.

Steve BinkCommented:
Glad I could point you in the right direction.  Good luck!
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