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Forward to external Send Connector if unrecognized recipient if found

Hi all

I have an exchange 2007 mail server setup. I have two send connector one which goes to my external smart host and one which goes to an smtp server in my Lotus Notes setup.

I would like to know a way either using transport rules or something to do the following: When a user on my exchange server (comapany.com)  trys to send an email to a recepient on the same domain (company.com) and they user does not exist or is unrecognized, instead of the email bouncing I want it to be sent out via the Lotus Notes connector to route.

Is this possible. I hope this makes sense, if you need to know more about my setup please do ask.

Many thank

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Not sure that Exchange can handle this automatically with the rules.

Maybe someone else has a better understanding of the 2007 version

Can't you set up some ind of aliases, so that all the Notes stuff, gets sent directly to the Domino server immediately ?

I hope this helps !

This is not a matter of rules.  You need to set Exchange to be non-authoritative for the domain, then set up the SMTP connector so it routes to the Notes SMTP server (not the Notes Connector) for that domain.

Once Exchange knows it is non-authhoritative, it will accept messages for any address in the domain, even unrecognized addresses.  if it can't deliver the message, it will send it to the SMTP server for routing.  Since the SMTP server knows that messages for taht domain go to a specific host (instead of just being MX-lookuped and forwarded wherever), the messages will go to that host, which should be the DOmino SMTP server host, and DOmino will get them and process them.
I just re-read and relized that while the asnwer is basiclaly correct, it is slightly off, because I was describing 2003, not 2007.  However, as I said, the same basic ideas apply, except that instead of calling them non-athoritative domains, you have an internal relay domain, and your hub transports are configured for a Send Connector refering to the Domino server relay host, instead of an SMTP connector.

Note that MS claims that Send Connector must be configured as "Internet" not "internal<" even though you are routing to an internal DOmino server voa the hub transport, and not an outside server and not via the edge transport.

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