Configring Exchange 2007 to use LCR back databses...

Tell me or not is the follwoing possible....
Running Exchange 2007 running LCR.... The backup database is going to another server that runs exchange 2007, but is not actually being used. If the main exchange goes down, can the backup exchange  server be configured to mount these backup databases and log files and then be used? I know that we would have to visit all clients and change the name of the exchange server under outlook, but is this scenario possible?????

Just thinking about redundancy....
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patelbg2001Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have your read any fo these.... currently i'm working on a CCR solution... which is split between the live and DR sites.... only down side for me is that only two servers participate in the solution... and 1 DB per SG

LCR = exact replica of you DB's on another server

CCR = HA cluster setup using local rather than shared storage

SCR =  instead of using LCR to replicate the database to a local hard drive, SCR let's the copy of the storage group to a remote Exchange Server 2007 server

then their tradittional shared storage clusters
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