USB device not recognized on Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000

I have a Toshiba SP6000 with WinXP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 2.
Last week I attached an ION Tape2PC recorder with the USB cable that came with the Tape2PC, installed the EZ Tape Converter software by MixMeister Software and was able to convert my cassette tapes without any problems.

Now this morning, going through the same process, Windows is giving me the error that USB device is not recognized, that the USB device is malfunctioning.  The tape converting software tells me that it is unable to connect to tape deck (of course, because of WIndows not recognizing the device).  I've tried the following:
1)  restarted windows...did not fix it
2)  forced windows to scan for news devices....did not fix it
3)  used device manager to scan for new devices .....did not fix it

I am using a mouse in one of my USB ports, and it works just fine.
I've attached a memory stick in the second USB port and Windows recognizes it.

Can't figure out why it does not recognzie the tape device all of a sudden.  I did not get any drivers for the tape device and it worked ok for a whle week.

I hope someone can assist me with this.
Thank you.
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Could it be some kind of power issue?  Does the Tape2PC come with an external power supply that's not turned on now?  Alternatively, is the laptop on battery power now (but wasn't before)?

Most of the time, unrecognised USB devices are either not powered correctly, or fried.  I'm hoping it's option  1!
1. Attach the Tape2PC device to another PC to check weather itself works properly or not.
2. Try to detach all other USB devices , and just use the Tape2PC device only.
DanceGoddessAuthor Commented:
I tried to use it on another computer and got the same. Guess the device is fried.
Thank you Haddion
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