Alternative to Files and settings Tranfer Wizard

Does anyone know of an alternative to the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard?
We do different transfers i.e. from old pc to new one, joining to a new domain (new profile on same machine) and also wiping same machine and re-installing.
Can't find one anywhere on Google

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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
User State Migration Tool 3.0

Also, for re associating the profile once a domain is joined....

How to rename or move a User Profile folder ?

Look in the middle for the following....
Changing the ProfileImagePath value in the registry
If it's the user's settings you want to export you could go to Control Panel, System then select the advanced tab. Click on Settings next to the user profile, select the user you want to export the profile to (you must be logged in as a different user with local admin rights) and select copy to. Browse to a path on a server where you can store the data and save it to there. Note, this does not backup things like PST files in their profile or and of their My documents etc. It is only settings. On the new computer log in as the user and then restart and log in as a local admin. Copy the files you backed up to the server into the user's new profile folder.

For wiping the machine and reinstalling you can build a PC, sysprep it an image it with Ghost or such like. Ghost corporate I think has tools for user migration etc to a new PC.
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Thanks that's great.
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