Notes Address book to Outlook issue

Hello All,

I am having an issue with a users notes Address book and exporting it to outlook.

This is the process used:
Users logged into their lotus client, address book, export to lotus 1-2-3 file. I then used excel 2003 to convert to .csv. then imported to oulook contacts.

This worked for some clients, but others it seems their notes client address book view is different. For the users that it did not work on, the view in the notes client when they open their address book does not have a header/column "EMAIL" while the other users do.

When I tried to change this item by going to View, customize view on the lotus client, there is no option to chose " Email" as a heading yet most other notes clients do.

I do not know the lotus notes client well enough ( or really at all) to know what the address view in some of the clients is one way and the others are a different way.

It seems I have to get that View to list the "email" heading/column in order to succesfully export and import into Outlook.

Hope I have explained this well enough. Basically What I need is to export the notes address book from the notes client to their new outlook client.

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Check the MS site, as I think that there are new tools to handle this also.

Unlike Outlook, Notes really has two levels of software design and revision:

1) The Notes client which has the core engines to run Notes

2) The database design, which affects the appearance and functionality of any database (mail, contacts, directory, etc.)

AN older database design, sometimes called the template, can work on a newer version of Notes.  So it is possible for a user to have version 8 of Notes installed (the one that came out two months ago), but still using a version 4 personal address book (contacts), or any version in beteen.

If you open up contacts and choose File -> Database -> Replace Design. and choose the current Personal Address Book template for the replace design, the user will be up to date.  (you may want to restart Notes after doing this.)
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