Cisco Aironet Emergency Sales Question!!!! First good answer gets the points.

I have had a question dropped on me and have to have an answer faster than I can read enough to know what I'm talking about!!  (honesty is so rare these days :)

A client has a 4 story hotel, they want to put in wireless internet access and the guy who brought me in loves Cisco. So... Can anyone tell me what components I will need to get open wireless internet access up and running without screwing myself in that environment. I don't know much else about the job since I am just getting dragged into it (15 minutes ago). I do know it is a 4 story hotel with about 1800 sq feet per floor in a rectangle. It is being built new so there are no issues with wiring anything we need to, there is an outdoor patio but I don't know how large it is. I was thinking that 2 Aironet 1321AG's per floor plus one outside would do the trick. Does that sound good at face value?

Also, do I need the Cisco wireless controllers for this or are they just used when doing AAA on the wireless network?

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itquestionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are on the right path with your solution.  Depending on the building layout and materials, the amount of AP's and clients may vary; however, if you want to simplify usage, a device like this 

may help with the AP's.  We have used a device like this between 3 floors to make them appear as one single SSID.

Hope that helps.  Note: We have found that personal AP's such as linksys and netgear have a much greater range than the expensive cisco products, though, to do what you want the cisco aironet is the better solution.
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