Windows Server 2003 Standard -- security policy deleted

In a Windows Server Standard 2003 environment:

My co-worker managed to delete the security policy. Is there any way I can recover the security policy?

Or is the only way to start from scratch?
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PowerITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way is indeed: start from scratch.
Sorry to bring you the bad news, but someone has to.

TheTechGuysNYCAuthor Commented:
More of a description of exactly what was done"

I created a predefined security policy scrpit within the root of the basically stated "if not supervisor or admin, do not all access to these files" also stated "if not [user name] user do not allow access to these files".....and it also had a policy allowing certain people to access certain clients on the network.....

In the days following a request was given to me with a new list of permissions for more once a sercurity policy is in effect u can't alter it. So i just did the standard right click and go to the sharing and security now heres where it gets tricky:

Since the folder was inheriting policy from the "parent" once i click apply there was a message that said something to the effect of "setting these permissions will overide inheritance to child objects and will inherit new policy" and of course i just clicked ok and as soon as I clicked OK I knew I made a huge mistake

And this is what needs to be rectified...

Let me know if you guys need more information?

TheTechGuysNYCAuthor Commented:
Found that out myself...

thanks for the help though mate.

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