Registering a DLL does not survive a reboot

When I try to run a program called File Recover, it gives an error that MSXML4 is not installed.  If I run "regsvr32 MSXML4.DLL", then the program works fine, until I reboot.  After rebooting, I need to register the dll again in order to open the program.  I tried unregistering and then registering the dll, but still it fails after a reboot.  I also downloading MSXML4 SP2 and installed it, but it also did not work.  Any ideas?
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You could register the dll every time  Windows loads. Put this command in the registry regsrv32 /s msxml4.dll. The /s is for silent.

Put it in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run as a string.

Not the best way to do it, but if you have exhausted all other ideas, then it might be better than reinstalling the OS.
Seems like something in your startup is affecting it.....

Any apps like Goback, or Deepfreeze installed?

I would go to start>run>msconfig, and on the startup, and the services tab, click the box to Disable all....Then reboot. Any better? If so, you can start enabling them in small groups until you narrow it down and nail it....
bpl5000Author Commented:
No GoBack, no Deep Freeze, no Clean Slate, etc.
Try re-downloading/reinstalling the XML package.
bpl5000Author Commented:
firekool, when I got this error, I tried downloading MSXML4 SP2 and installing it again, but it did not help.
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