Playing Internet Game with Old Half-Life Program

For some reason my friends and I have been on a big Half-Life kick... We all all have the old version of the game... The version that is Pre-STEAM. We just had a big LAN party with older games which is probably why we got on the big Half Life Kick....

Anyway, I decided I would set up a Dedicated internet Server so we could all play and not have to haul all our computers to someone elses house.

I forwarded all the ports to my Dedicated Server and configured all the settings, however when someone goes to connect to my External IP via port 27016 (even tried the default port as well) they get an error about not being able to play on a LAN server....

I updated the Dedicated server with the Stand Alone HLDS update from Steam and now they can't even see my server... I couldn't even see it in LAN game after that... So I purchased Half-Life through STEAM and was able to see and play on my Dedicated server again....

So, my question is.... For everyone to be able to play an Internet game, do they all have to purchase Half-Life through STEAM now, even though they all have the original CDs ect....
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
No, you can set up a Steam account for free if you have a valid CD Key for any Valve product that is included in the list of Steam games.
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