How to atutomatically have the wireless stop when ethernet is plugged in?

On a laptop there are normally two ways to get the internet, wireless and using an ethernet cable. If I am connected to the internet using wireless and I plug in an ethernet cable, the wireless is still the connection used.

 Is there anyway to have windows make the ethernet connection the primary connection when it is plugged in? Obviously I could just turn off my wireless card and stop the wireless connection but is there a way for the ethernet to override the wireless?

I am using the windows wireless program in win XP Pro and the same with the ethernet connection. I tried to look up this question but could not find a solution. I have also attempt to find something in the properties of the different types of connection to no success. Any help that can be given would be great.
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Hi. Some brands have that feature in the bios (recent HP's by example). Have a look there.
You may also use Juniper Odyssey client v4.6. That's a commercial product but it works great.

I hope this helps
I have never heard of an app or setting that wil ldo this and really, I can't imagine why one would exist. If you are going to plug somethign in, before it even aqcuries a network addy, you can have the wirless disabled, unplugged or even easier, you toggle the "radio" switch on your laptop to turn off the Wrieless Radio.

On the flip side,  I think you can use Metric values in your routing tables to accomplish this, but I have never tested it..

However, to try this,
 Right click on the Network connection(wired or wireless, you will have to repeat this proccess on both of them) and choose properties.
Open up theTCP/IP properties.
Click Advanced.
At the bottom you will see check box, use Automatic Metric.
Uncheck it.
For the Wired connection, type 10
For the Wireless connection, type 90.

What should happen is that when the Wired connects, XP will see 2 routes for the same subnet, it will then pick the route with the lowest metric to send packets.

So technically, this won't disable the Wireless upon Ethernet connection, but it should force all traffic through the Ethernet, which i can only assume is your goal here.

 - Brugh

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