Errors with GroupWise 6.5 "8503: the post office agent is not running"

I am have a problem with GroupWise ever since our teamed network cards had some problems and we had to just run of one nic. I had a couple users complain that GroupWise was running really slow or would lockup when they tried to access documents off of it. I took a look and that is exactly what is going on. When I tried to  delete the documents I would get a couple error messages.

" error reading document element record.
8503: the post office agent is not running or cannot be found at the specified IP address and IP port. Contact your system administrator.
GWPOST Library:955.1"


I did some looking around on Google with little luck but that may be because I am new to Netware and Groupwise. By the way I am running Netware 6.5 and GroupWise 6.5. It looks like the email it self is running just fine I have not had any complaints for over two weeks now with it. I just need some help on where I go from here to trouble shoot the problem. Thanks
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you unbind the other NIC?  Is there still an entry for it on the server?

When you disabled one of the teamed NICs did you disconnect it from the switch, and clear the ARP table on the switch so it wouldn't attempt to send traffic to the wrong port?
I agree. This isn't a GroupWise error or fault. This is a networking issue. GroupWise is just the victim.
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