how to turn cisco aironet 1100 into a repeater of a wre54g wireless signal? help!

here is the scenario and the 3 pieces of hardware involved.
1. linksys wrt54g router (broadcasting a wireless ssid of OFFICE)
2. linksys wrE54g repeater (repeating the OFFICE signal throughout the house.
3. cisco aironet 1100 access point.
i have a cisco aironet 1100 access point which i am trying to turn into a repeater for signal thats coming from a linksys wre54g. the Wre54s is getting the signal and repeating it from the wrt54g router.

i am havinga problem configuring the cisco 1100 access point as a repeater and having it connect to the wireless network)via the wrE54g) and repeat its signal.
i read on the cisco website that you have to make it an infrastructure ssid on the aironet. im still alittle confused as to what that is but i was able to do it.

my problem comes with how do i "point" it to the OFFICE wireless network thats being broadcasted from the wrE54g and have it repeat this signal out?
if someone could help me with step by step instructions on how to work in this aironet it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!
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On the website I provided (others have posted about this as well), there is a download section.  You can find a stable/current build for the linksys (here)

Flash it with this. The website provides many articles on how to do this.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND reading them before hand.  I would also suggest flashing it with the mini version first, then the version in the link above (mini version for wrt54g

Also make sure to set all settings to default prior to this.  It will change the default login to username: root pass: admin
opposed to the default setup on linksys as username: "blank" pass: admin

Good luck.  That firmware has a ton of settings, most which probably won't be used.  The repeater function works well though.
I am not sure if the above scenario is the best option or possible with guaranteed service.  You can look into the open source firmware upgrades for AP's and other devices.  Check into for firmware.  I have successfully used the linksys firmware for the wrt54g as a repeater.  

I would make th aironet the main ssid and use the other two products as the repeaters.

Good luck.
yalemortAuthor Commented:
your saying flash teh wrt54g? with what though?
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yalemortAuthor Commented:
you think this will pickup the cisco AP signal and repeat it? and will the wrE54g pick up the wrt54gs signal and repeat that as well?
yalemortAuthor Commented:
and how do i get it back to normal if things dont work quite as planned?
I used my wrt54gl to repeat from my aironet device.  Worked like a champ (after configuring it finally).  If you don't like the firmware and want the default back on, go to linksys' website and download the most current version for your device.  Upload it and you are back to normal.
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