Exhcnage 2003 Synchronize to view new email distribution groups

When adding distribution groups in Exchange 2003.  Is there anyway to sychnronize this to the domain manually so the outlook users see the changes immediately.  Currently it takes about 20 minutes to see the newly added email distribution groups.
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If your users are using cached Exchange mode, which should be enabled when you have Exchange 2003 with at least Outlook 2003, Outlook uses a cached version of the Global Address List (GAL) called the Offine Address Book (OAB). This is only updated once every 24 hours, by default the Exchange version is updated daily early in the morning and synchronized with the GAL, then Outlook goes and downloads it 24 hours since the previous download. If you don't have cached exchange mode, then changes are pulled straight from the GAL and should be immediate.

To force the OAB to update and manually redownload the Outlook address book, see here: http://blogs.brnets.com/michael/archive/2005/04/26/512.aspx

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