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In search of a MFC compatible Form Editor component to embed In search of a MFC compatible Form Editor component to embed in my MFC application.

I have a MFC application that I maintain and finally got it working in VS2005. That APP requires a little form editor, like the one found in Visual C, Basic and many other IDE's. Is there any component (mfc class, or active X or library) that I could use, and maybe expand/modify to suite my needs? Thanks.
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Are you thinking along the lines of http://www.codeproject.com/miscctrl/dblsubclasswnd.asp ("Double Subclassing (Runtime Form Editor)")?
schafhauserAuthor Commented:
No, not really. I don't need to modify the application it self forms/dialogs. I need something more "independent" if you will  that is a fully dialog editor, load and save user made dialogs, format doesn't matter if I can mod to generate/load my own. I have to implement a minimal IDE inside a terminal emulator written with MFC for a special RTOS embedded system, which has a programming language that supports  remote/distributed GUI, but is way to painful writing the code by hand. So a "dialog editor" would give it a lot of easiness at development cycle.

schafhauserAuthor Commented:
That can't be an accepted solution. Why was this close!?
Years ago the Windows Platform SDK used to come with an application named DLGEDIT.Exe.  You can still download that from Microsoft if you want to see what it looks like:

    Use Dlgedit.exe to Edit Platform Builder Dialog Box Templates

It dates back to Win 3.1 -- it is a visual, interactive app that generates the .RC (text) file that the resource compiler uses to ultimately create the binary DLG resources that Windows interprets when it draws a dialog box.  It was replaced by the built-in resource editor in the IDE.

The source code for it was available in the Platform SDK.  It seems that Microsoft no longer distributes that src code, but I was able to locate a site that still has a copy:


At best, that could be used as raw material to create your own such editor.  
The way I'd do it is get rid of everything but the very basics -- the interactive parts that allow users to add controls and re-size and move them around.  Then I'd redo the output logic so that it used my own simplified format.

-- Dan
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