Certificate Blues

MS Server 2008 can't get a DC certificate due to the following error

Certificate enrollment for Local system failed to enroll for a DomainController certificate from xxx.xxx.com\Main CA (The RPC server is unavailable. 0x800706ba (WIN32: 1722)).

This is received after trying to request via the Certificates mmc, however when I use Web enrollment, I am able to request and receive a valid administrator Cert.
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stitzebrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
How do I close a question that is no longer needing to be active if I don't use a solution or suggestion provided?

are there any firewalls between DC and Certificate server? Is Windows Firewall enabled on Certificate server?

stitzebrAuthor Commented:
Not sure what was going on with it.  The server have been rebooted several times, with no change in Cert status and\or error.  It started working after a reboot when I was working out bugs with the Network Policy Server.  Go Figure!!!  By the way, there were no firewalls in between, and yes the cert server did and still does have the firewall service enabled.

Anyways, thanks for the responce.  
After several configuration changes, including client firewall changes between the two machines, my issue was resolved after I enabled "sharing and discovery" on the requesting machine". (Win 2008)  The giveaway:  There were no other computers in the network browse list of the requesting machine.  I remembered disabling them, after the fact, since no files would be served from the requesting box....I simply wanted a VPN from it.
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