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I need to add a function so I can update my application. I don't want to use the clickonce method I need someting else.

But i need it to be integrated in my application. Any tips how to do this

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AutoeformsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
rivusglobalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See what you think of this Auto Update Application posted at CodeProject

AWestEngAuthor Commented:
oki how about Updater Application Block 2.0?

how does that work? is it any good?
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AutoeformsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not sure
i have my own home grown solution but am having some problems with bottle necks.
just yesterday i put my developer on a research project and he found the  http://windowsclient.net/articles//appupdater.aspx

this link. He is looking to see if this will fill the bill.
if you want to pay install shield has a good one as does wise.
we are also looking at http://www.advancedinstaller.com/features.html.

you really need to look at the number of users that will be accessing, the number of features you need.
so on and so forth.  
i know it is not an answer but this will give you some stuff to chew on.


AWestEngAuthor Commented:
there maybe be over 100 that needs to use the update function..

I also found this code

But it would be great if there where any update projects develop for vs 2005.

hmm this was not easy to solve
no what you mean that is why i built my own.
works great but now i have 200 users that all log in at 9am on monday and flood their network and my server with an update request. I am looking for the number to go to the thousands shortly so i have to fix the bottle next.

what ever you do make sure it works in the background.
we also like the easy of just being able to copy the updates to a folder.
good luck
AWestEngAuthor Commented:
your solution looks nice.. but how do i test it which projcet should i start to test your code?

It was alot of projects int file :)
AWestEngAuthor Commented:
ops sorry I thought it was you project that was on the page.. sorry..
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