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I've searched and seen this same question asked several times on EE, but I just have to ask again. Is there not some simple way to create a dataset (not a datasource) once, and then use that dataset in multiple reports without having to manually add it into each report by hand? I already saw someone posted that you can copy/paste the desired sections from the XML (view source) of the RDL file....but that's not really what I was looking for.

Is there still no built-in functionality in Reporting Services 2005 to accomplish this?
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Your best bet is to set up a single report how you want it, with all common datasets, titles, headers + footers etc.
Then copy the file to the following directory:
     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ProjectItems\ReportProject

Then, when you create a new report, the report you just copied will be available in the templates. This saves recreating it every time. It also helps create a standard look and feel across all of your reports.
Not that I know of, that doesn't mean it doesn't exists! You know this Im sure, but you could just create a stored procedure and have the reports call that.
friskyweaselAuthor Commented:
yup that's true - but i guess it's the idea that you even have to "create" another dataset in the first place...even if that dataset is populated by a stored proc rather than hand-writing the sql every time.

If i have a drop-down filter that allows a user to select a color...and i know that filter will be used multiple times across my reports...i shouldn't have to create a dataset named "dsColorFilter" over and over if i know it will be used in every report

It's being a bit picky I know...but imagine when you have 40 and fifty reports to do...and 3 out of 5 filters/dropdowns on each report are actually common to all could save a lot of time if you could just create them one time and then re-use them.

I'll leave the question open for a while longer to see if there are any other ideas or something i'm missing here.
oh, I see you have a point...I don't think I can help you here but it is good food for thought.
friskyweaselAuthor Commented:
thanks for your efforts guys - PFrog I think your suggestion probably comes the closest, but SQL Server DBS's is also viable - i'm going to do an 90/10 split
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