What is tunnel adapter local area connection?

I was searching through my operating system and found windows ip configeration.  In the box labeled windows ip configeration there was also, tunnel adapter local area connection 6 and tunnel adapter local area connection 7.  What is a tunnel adapter?  
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funky2yc340Connect With a Mentor Commented:
These are virtual interfaces usually created when you use a VPN, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and/or IPv6.
alecseanAuthor Commented:
I did not install any sort of network with any other computer.  Could somebody be spying on me?
I doubt it.  Are you running Windows Vista or XP?  The reason I ask is that Vista already uses IPv6 by default.  Thus, you would have these tunnel adapters without having to install anything yourself.
alecseanAuthor Commented:
Windows Vista.
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