Flash & Windows Media Player Control

I need to find a way to control an embedded Windows Media Player from a Flash application. This includes handing a URL from the Flash application to Windows Media Player.

Are there any best practices for it? Is it possible?


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ddlamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think flash have higher compatibility than WMP so that youTube use flash player.

You can use flash to call javascript function() -> then, use javascript function() to embed WMP

In flash 8, you can use getURL("jsfunction()");

and write
function jsfunction(){

but getURL() is changed in CS3. So, that's just help you a bit : |
jsoundAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll look into it.

I completely agree that FLV would be the desired format to use. However, I have a client who has years of WMV medit content that would take an incredible effort to convert to FLV, thus the attempt to create a hybrid  Flash application.


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