One Flash combobox disrupts the other.

I'm using the following actionscript for my location combobox. I have another combo box on the page called quantity that goes blank whenever something is chosen in the location combobox.  What do I have to change to make both work?

function change(evt){
location.addEventListener("change", this);
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are you using separate methods for the listeners of the 2 boxes?

i.e do you have do change methods?
try this

var cbListener:Object = new Object();

cbListener.change = function(event_obj:Object) {

// Add Listener.
location.addEventListener("change", cbListener);

and then create another listener for your other combobox

might help, not sure.
Is there a keyframe inbetween on the layer that the other combobox is on?  That would certainly cause this issue.
imjusthereAuthor Commented:
No keyframes inbetween.

I'm only using one listener.  My other combo box is being posted to my asp page using quantity.getValue().
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